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Buffer Overflow Problem

From: Johnson, Brian W.
Subject: Buffer Overflow Problem
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 15:48:34 -0500

I am experiancing trouble with cfengine 2.1.13 on a RHEL 3 Linux server. The problem is with multiple interfaces ( ~75 ), the Classes Buffer is overflowed. Running cfagent with the -H option works, but then I have no classes. I have concluded that by changing cf.defs.h "#define CF_BUFFER" from the default value of 4096 to 16384 ( it is the smallest value that works ) fixes the buffer overflow problem, however, the authentication keys are now broken. The client can exchange keys with the server successfully but the clients challenge response fails.
If I use an unchanged version of cfengine, the authentication works but the classes buffer overflows. I have a known working server and multiple known working clients, all RHEL 3 with the latest patches, all running cfengine version 2.1.13.
Can anyone possibly help me with this?
Thank You,
 Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
Unix Systems Administrator

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