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Solaris cron audit problem

Subject: Solaris cron audit problem
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 00:29:05 -0400

More fun...

I finally have 2.1.14 running for the most part.  When I set cfagent to
make an entry 
to the crontab, I get this in my /var/cron/log:

!cron audit problem. job failed (x/x/x) for user root 

After doing some googling, I've tracked it down to a combination of 
Solaris, BMS (audit/security), and openssh.  Apparently my only 
options are to turn off auditing or making crontab entries via 
the console.  Neither of which are an option.  Any ideas?

Switching to linux is sounding better and better...
I'm not having these problems with those boxes...


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