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Re: NFS mounting with cfengine

From: Frank Smith
Subject: Re: NFS mounting with cfengine
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 12:49:31 -0500

--On Monday, August 08, 2005 13:00:19 -0400 Jeremy Dreese <address@hidden> 

>> So the question is should I simply do that with a static entry in fstab
>> and forget about using cfengine for the mounting itself? Or do I really
>> missunderstand the concept of NFS mounts with cfengine?
> You can use "miscmounts" to mount these directories.  I think something
> like this should work:
> miscmounts:
>     SystemGroup::
>         blender:/vol/apps /usr/appdir mode=tcp

Be aware that cfengine's mount code isn't very bright.  It generates
a line for the [v]fstab based on some defauults and the options
you specify, and if it isn't already there it will add it to the file
and try to mount it.  Sounds good in theory, but it checks for an
exact match in the file and doesn't check to see if it is already
mounted, so you can easily end up with double mounts. even if it is
only a difference in whitespace.  This can cause problems on some
   Also, even if you use cfengine for the initial mount (i.e., aren't
trying to convert existing manual mounts to cfengine control), you
can't modify the mounts or the mount options, since there is no 
practical way to unmount or remount a filesystem.  You can't even
make the fstab changes and wait for the next reboot, since cfengine
will try to mount everything in it every time it runs.


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