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NFS mounting with cfengine

From: Adrian Gschwend
Subject: NFS mounting with cfengine
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 17:54:09 +0200
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I would like to mount two directories on my Linux boxes with cfengine, so
I've read the samples in the "cfengine concepts" pdf. I now think that our
setup does not really apply for using it with cfengine:

- we have just Linux boxes, which means no class is necessary
- there are two exports I would like to mount:

blender:/vol/apps - binary stuff
blender:/vol/data - project directories, so not binary in terms of apps
but not home-directory either. This is where people put their
project-data, which can be everything.

According to the samples vol should better be the name of the site and
cfengine would decide to mount that exactly for that reason. My problem is
that /vol is the default for my NetApp Filer here so I cannot change that.
I could just do blender:/vol/bfh/apps but then I would have to change the
qtrees on the box which is not what I would like to do either.

So the question is should I simply do that with a static entry in fstab
and forget about using cfengine for the mounting itself? Or do I really
missunderstand the concept of NFS mounts with cfengine?



Adrian Gschwend
System Administrator
Berne University of Applied Sciences
Biel, Switzerland

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