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LISA 2005 and cfengine announcement

From: Mark Burgess
Subject: LISA 2005 and cfengine announcement
Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 20:14:55 +0100


I would like to announce some events of interest to cfengine users and
potential developers in connection with the USENIX LISA 05 conference in
San Diego.

The following events are scheduled for the LISA conference:

Paid Tutorials:  I Introduction to cfengine (half day)
                II More advanced cfengine (half day)

                   (I recommend taking both if you take either)

               III Understanding configuration management
                   (concepts and standards - not spec. about cfengine)

BoF: Cfengine 3 development BoF (community meeting)

This will introduce the work that has been done so far on designing the
new cfengine infrastructure. It will open for questions and
participation. This will also represent a kickstart meeting for the
development process. The initial documents for this design may be found
under the cfengine 3, developer pages of the cfengine web site.

Following this meeting, the draft ideas will be opened for comments and
questions by interested parties before any implementation takes place. 



Mark Burgess

Professor of Network and System Administration
Oslo University College

Work: +47 22453272            Email:  address@hidden
Fax : +47 22453205            WWW  :

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