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Re: standalone cfagent script execution

From: Peter Daum
Subject: Re: standalone cfagent script execution
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 17:44:15 +0100
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I guess, my question was not clear enough.What I meant by
"standalone", is:

Cfengine is a fairly big framework for automating system
administration. What I would like, is to use just the
script-processing part from cfagent without the environment that it
normally expects to read some commands from a file and execute them
without worrying about host keys or anything else that is not part
of the script to be executed - sort of a fancier "sed" or "awk".

(In my case, it would mostly be called as a utility tool for
configuration file editing and similar stuff and running from a shared
NFS root file system, so creating any files/directories would not be

                 Peter Daum

Mark Burgess wrote:

I haven't tested it, but can't you just do this?

export myscript=/path/file

#!/usr/local/sbin/cfagent -f


  actionsequence = ( shellcommands )

  # mysscript = ( "/path/file" )


  "$(myscript) -x -y -z" useshell=true/false

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