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Re: Migrate or ?

From: Marco van Beek
Subject: Re: Migrate or ?
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 11:07:49 +0000
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Hi Mark,

I guess the first thing is to find out how cfagent is being run. My guess would be CRON. The cron entry may give you some more information as to what config file is being used, eg it may be something like "cfagent -f xxx.conf" or "cfagent --file xxx.conf".

This will allow you to look at how it is currently being run and where the config files really are.

The next step would be to set up a master server, get CVS to publish the files to that box, and implement an update.conf / cfagent.conf setup on a test box that pulls from the central server.

If that works, you can roll out the update.conf and cfagent.conf out to all the boxes, hopefully using the existing CVS distribution system one last time.

Personally I would be less worried about different versions as long as you have the oldest production version on at least one of your test boxes. I am still using 2.1.10 because that is what is in the current Ubuntu distribution. It is simpler at this point to be able use apt-get to install cfengine than being able to use the newer features and have to update all the older boxes to keep up.

You will have issues with authentication, and with such a large setup, I would be tempted to ask if you sufficiently trust all the cfengine clients to allow the server to automatically trust all of them. It can always be locked down again later.

Hope this helps,



krowton wrote:
I am hoping that some of you guru’s of cfengine can help me map out a
roadmap of sorts. Here is my dilemma; we had a consultant in that
implemented cfengine for us. The implementation does not use cfservd or
cfenvd. Nor do we have an update.conf file.  We use CVS to change
configuration files and then push the configuration out manually. Of
course I am learning that this implementation of cfengine is very
limiting not to mention not standard.

Our current configuration has approximately 250 files and 35000 lines
(information provided by CVS Monitor ☺ )

Where should I start? Should I get the current version configured to
use cfservd, cfenvd and an update file? Or should I start from the
beginning with the new version and import config files a few at a time?
What are the incompatibilities and gotcha’s between 2.1.9 and 2.1.18
or 19? Should I migrate to a version some where in between?
I am sure there are many more questions to ask, I have to start some

I have the luxury of having two test servers to work with ☺.

Any insight is welcome......I am at a loss where the best place to
start might be.....

Mark Wolf
UNIX/Linux System Administrator

Choose Linux or....
Choose Two: Good, Fast, or Cheap!

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