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Re: Migrate or ?

From: Mark Wolf
Subject: Re: Migrate or ?
Date: 1 Mar 2006 07:48:47 -0800
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Thanks for the this point any thing helps.

Currently cfagent is not ran by cron or cfexecd. We run it manually
using a script that the consultant wrote that circumvents the security
of the keys and does a cvs update  for the server using "pserver". That
means that we have to remember to push it to every server, that would
be 20 some servers now and 40 some when the servers that were delivered
yesterday are installed and running.

I slept on this last night and came to the conclusing that getting the
version I am running now configured would be the best option. I
understand the configuration and it would be much easier to implement
on the current servers.

Yes I can trust all the servers and planned on using the
"TrustKeysFrom" the subnet the servers are on in the cfservd.conf file.

The biggest issues I have had so far is authentication, it seems that
it is the tough nut to crack when implementing cfengine. 

Mark Wolf

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