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Cfengine and ifconfig <defunct>

From: Lionel Ostric
Subject: Cfengine and ifconfig <defunct>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 18:28:08 -0000


        I know that this problem has already been discussed but I was
unable to find any solution to it.

        I'm running cfagent 2.1.16 from the %post section of a kickstart
installation on a Redhat Enterprise Linux update 6 (Kernel 2.4.21 and
glibc 2.3) on an x86.

        cfagent starts and the it gets stuck on the 'Trying to locate my
IPV6 address'....(I'm not using IPv6) and a ps -edf will show a defunct
ifconfig. I enabled debug using the following command line 'cfagent -v
-dddd -f myconfigfile.conf' and the last thing it does is
'cfpopen("ifconfig -a") ... The strange thing is the same command
launched manually from another console in this kickstart session will
give you the right information ... and running cfagent manually will

        I absolutely need to do that in kickstart to automate the
installation of my machines...

        Does anyone have a solution ?


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