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Re: dir perm on /var/cfengine keeps getting reset to 755

From: Brendan Strejcek
Subject: Re: dir perm on /var/cfengine keeps getting reset to 755
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 13:05:58 -0600
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stucky wrote:

> /var/cfengine mode=700 ... Because of that inform flag I receive an
> email every hour that the permission of that dir was changed from
> 755 to 700. I was amazed first how this can happen till I realized
> that it's cfagent itself that changes the perm back to 755 during
> the update.conf phase and immediately back to 700 during the cfagent
> phase. Question is why ?

I think this is a special case, hard coded into cfengine. cfagent wants
/var/cfengine to be mode 755. My advice would be to just live with it as
755. This sort of thing should not be a problem in general; cfagent only
does this sort of permission changing for a few files in /var/cfengine
(or whatever your workdir is), to my knowledge.

> As you can see this also happens with a bunch of other files like
> f.e/etc/hosts. ... I have no idea where the 600 permission comes from
> for /etc/hosts or 755 for /var/cfengine or any of the others. Funny
> enough, some perms just stay the way they were set and I can't figure
> out how they differ from the others.

I have no idea about this; I don't think cfengine has anything hard
coded for /etc/hosts. A find/grep through the source code might be


Senior System Administrator
The University of Chicago
Department of Computer Science

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