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CF Master Server whoes

From: Leif Ericksen
Subject: CF Master Server whoes
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2006 12:17:05 -0500

I have had cfengine setup and running for some time (but still consider
my self a cfengine newbie).  From my cfengine master server I have a
system where I copy ALL of the files in /opt/depot to all of my sub
servers on a nightly basis using rsync.  However, it has come to a point
where as I was getting ready to migrate off my master server to a new
server my original master server must have caught wind of the fact that
it was going to be retired and it spite has died on me.  ;>

I am looking for some pointers as to my migration path.
I am thinking for the most part, all I really have to do is create a
cfrun.hosts on the new server and update my policyhost definition, and
any other special definitions that show the old server as being the
master to what will be my new server.  I should then be good to go to
run cfrun on the new master server.

Would this be a fair assessment or am I fooling myself and in for a
world of hurt? 

My cfengine mentor has moved on to a different team, and as such
sometimes can not help me so now I have come to the list, since I am a
little stuck on this one.

Leif Ericksen <>

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