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From: Keslyne
Subject: - Matching Expectations
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 04:41:25 +0800

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Issue 32, 2003

At a recent poll done recently, we found out that Career Prospects still rank high on people's expectations when landing a job. Followed closely by Salary Package and Job Scope/Title, it shows that job seekers today still hope to be handsomely compensated.

Poll: What is the biggest factor when you look for a job?

But what are the Recruiters looking for? It appears that guranteed bonuses are a thing of the past. Compensation are now more performance oriented, with sales jobs making the bulk of the current jobs, as Recruiters attempts to increase revenue through more agressive sales.

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Until next month!

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Employment Trends
The economy begins to look better with the US economy showing a few signs of recovery. However, with the unemployment and underemployment rates showing no sign of falling in the near future, job seekers still have to be aware of some new practices in order to have a higher chance of getting a job. [ read more ]
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