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Re: Remote backup using GNU tar doesn't work

From: Saurabh Barve
Subject: Re: Remote backup using GNU tar doesn't work
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 11:31:42 -0600
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Colin S. Miller wrote:

It looks like you have set up a ssh keypair (ssh-keygen).
If you set the key's password to the empty string,
you won't be prompted for a password.

Yes. That is correct; that is what I have done. I think the empty passphrase is 
too much of a risk.

If this is too much for a security risk, you can set up a
'tar' user on the remote machine, and use sudo to run tar.
You then set up a passwordless keypair for the 'tar' user.

Hmmm. I'll try doing that. Is there more documentation on this somewhere? I 
want to be able to back up all my file systems. A normal user won't have all 
the permissions on them. Plus, how could I prevent this account from being 
exploited due to its passwordless nature?


"Yours is to work. The results will take care of themselves" -- Swami Vivekanand --------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saurabh Barve

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