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GTK+ appliations on KD3 (newbie question)

From: RKS
Subject: GTK+ appliations on KD3 (newbie question)
Date: 13 Jun 2006 06:37:34 -0700
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I have a KDE3 desktop environment on Suse Linux 9.1. I have also
installed GTK-2.0. I am trying to develop gtk applications on KDE3. But
I ran into problems trying to compile a simple file. All it has is
"include <gtk/gtk.h>" (and an empty main function). The header file is
present and gcc is able to find it. Yet there are more than 200 errors
all related to parsing.

I used
gcc filename.c -o filename `pkg-config -cflags -libs` command.

My question is 1) Can I actually run gtk applications on KDE3.
                      2) Am i missing some package required.
Thanks for any help. Sorry I am a complete newbie to Linux based

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