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Re: wget and links to follow

From: dfeustel
Subject: Re: wget and links to follow
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 07:33:18 -0500
User-agent: tin/1.6.2-20030910 ("Pabbay") (UNIX) (OpenBSD/3.9 (i386))

Andrea Rimicci <> wrote:
>>> I'd like <snip> instruct wget when a something like
>>> JSfunc('my/link/to/follow/') is matched, he recognize
>>> 'my/link/to/follow/' as a link to follow.<snip>
>><snip> wget first <snip> then use grep -R JSfunc <snip> pipe the
>>grep output to a smart script<snip>
> Thats a good idea, Dave.
> Doin n-pass scripting seems a good workaround, while waitin for
> regexp/external parsing feature (seems will be in 1.12).
> Thanks :)

Glad you like it, Andrea. Keep in mind that the script may need to be
recursive if the files normally fetched via JSfunc also have
(Javascripted) URLS in them.
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