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Re: autoconf/automake building a distribution?

From: Pallav Gupta
Subject: Re: autoconf/automake building a distribution?
Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2007 13:39:23 -0400

Hi Ralf,

Thanks for getting back quickly.

Do you happen to have extra spaces following the arguments of AC_INIT,
as in
  AC_INIT(package , 1.0 , bug@address)
                 ^     ^
?  Because if you do, please remove them.  M4 only strips the leading
(unquoted) spaces of macro arguments, not the trailing ones.  I think
a package name with such a space can lead to weird failures.

I checked and I don't have any trailing whitespace. I have the following which looks ok to me:

AC_INIT([LEDA], [0.1], [Pallav Gupta <>], [LEDA])

I've tarred the entire directory and it can be downloaded at this link:

Thanks for your time.

kind regards,

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