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Re: ed scripts in Windows command shell

From: randall . harp
Subject: Re: ed scripts in Windows command shell
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 14:27:53 -0700 (PDT)
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On May 14, 4:24 pm, wrote:
> Although I have experience with diff and ed on *nix, I just can't seem
> to get ed to work in the Win32 environment (cmd.exe).
> diff -e oldfile newfile > script.ed
> gives the proper ed commands, but any variation of
> type script.ed | ed oldfile > result
> just won't work: I get either an empty result, or the last line of the
> original file repeated a few times in the result. I've tried 'for'
> loops with 'echo' and 'type', appending 'w' and 'q' commands to
> script.ed, and all sorts of variations. Still no luck.
> Has anyone had success using 'ed' commands with Win32?
> P.S. I want to use the 'ed' output from diff, since several 'ed'
> commands can be concatenated together to apply several changes -
> unlike 'context' and 'unified' diffs that have to be appiled
> individually against each intermediate result.


I'm trying to use the GnuWin32 ed utility.

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