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Re: ed scripts in Windows command shell

From: Kam-Hung Soh
Subject: Re: ed scripts in Windows command shell
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2008 12:24:32 +1000
User-agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20080421) wrote:
On May 17, 12:14 am, "Kam-Hung Soh" <> wrote:
On Fri, 16 May 2008 07:27:53 +1000, <> wrote:
On May 14, 4:24 pm, wrote:
Although I have experience with diff and ed on *nix, I just can't seem
to get ed to work in the Win32 environment (cmd.exe).
diff -e oldfile newfile > script.ed
gives the proper ed commands, but any variation of
type script.ed | ed oldfile > result
just won't work: I get either an empty result, or the last line of the
original file repeated a few times in the result. I've tried 'for'
loops with 'echo' and 'type', appending 'w' and 'q' commands to
script.ed, and all sorts of variations. Still no luck.
Has anyone had success using 'ed' commands with Win32?
P.S. I want to use the 'ed' output from diff, since several 'ed'
commands can be concatenated together to apply several changes -
unlike 'context' and 'unified' diffs that have to be appiled
individually against each intermediate result.
I'm trying to use the GnuWin32 ed utility.
This worked:

ed < script.ed oldfile

Note that script.ed has "w" at the end to tell ed to write the changes.

If you have multiple ed script files generated by diff, then concatenate all the script files and append "w" into one script file. In cmd.exe:

(cat f1 f1 ... && echo w) > script.ed

Don't know GnuWin32's ed doesn't accept input from a pipe.

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Thanks for the reply.

Even when script.ed has a "w"  (or "w" and "q")  appended to it,
oldfile remains unchanged. :-/



    public void noop();


ed < script.ed oldfile

doesn't change oldfile

ed oldfile < script.ed

doesn't change oldfile

I've had success with GnuWin32 'patch', applying incremental diffs,
but just can't get 'ed' to work.  If not for your 'This worked", I
would conclude that 'ed' just can't be used this way in a Win32

- Randall

What a puzzle.

Which version of "ed" are you using?  Mine is:

C:\Temp>ed --version
GNU ed version 0.2

Kam-Hung Soh <a href="";>Software Salariman</a>

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