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Re: make: target-depending prerequisites?

From: Yves
Subject: Re: make: target-depending prerequisites?
Date: Fri, 23 May 2008 09:50:41 +0200
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But maybe you have some other reason to have your variable main_depend not
shown in your example?

The main reason for trying to do what I am trying to do is the situation where I have multiple main-documents, each with its own dependencies. If one of the depending files is updated, I only want the relevant main-documents to be recompiled, and not all of them.

The following solution does the job, however, this means duplication of the commands inside the main1.pdf and main2.pdf block. My intent was thus to try to avoid this and parametrize into a single %.pdf block.

texfiles = main1.tex main2.tex

main1_depend = section1.tex section3.tex
main2_depend = section2.tex section1.tex

all_pdf = $(texfiles:.tex=.pdf)

all: $(all_pdf)

main1.pdf: main1.tex $(main1_depend)
        @echo "All prerequisites:" $^
        touch $@

main2.pdf: main2.tex $(main2_depend)
        @echo "All prerequisites:" $^
        touch $@

Maybe there exist better solutions to achieve the desired effect?

Best regards,

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