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Re: make: target-depending prerequisites?

From: Henrik Carlqvist
Subject: Re: make: target-depending prerequisites?
Date: Sun, 25 May 2008 02:41:35 +0200
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Yves <> wrote:

>> But maybe you have some other reason to have your variable main_depend not
>> shown in your example?
> The main reason for trying to do what I am trying to do is the situation 
> where I have multiple main-documents, each with its own dependencies.

Again, do you really need those variables?

> If one of the depending files is updated, I only want the relevant 
> main-documents to be recompiled, and not all of them.

Thats what make is good for.
> The following solution does the job, however, this means duplication of 
> the commands inside the main1.pdf and main2.pdf block. My intent was 
> thus to try to avoid this and parametrize into a single %.pdf block.
> -8<-----------------------------------------
> texfiles = main1.tex main2.tex
> main1_depend = section1.tex section3.tex
> main2_depend = section2.tex section1.tex
> all_pdf = $(texfiles:.tex=.pdf)
> all: $(all_pdf)
> main1.pdf: main1.tex $(main1_depend)
>       @echo "All prerequisites:" $^
>       touch $@
> main2.pdf: main2.tex $(main2_depend)
>       @echo "All prerequisites:" $^
>       touch $@
> -8<-----------------------------------------
> Maybe there exist better solutions to achieve the desired effect?

I think it would be a cleaner solution if you skipped those variables
and instead wrote something like this:

texfiles = main1.tex main2.tex

all_pdf = $(texfiles:.tex=.pdf)

all: $(all_pdf)

main1.pdf: section1.tex section3.tex

main2.pdf: section2.tex section1.tex

$(all_pdf): main%.pdf: main%.tex
        @echo "All prerequisites:" $^
        touch $@

regards Henrik
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