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Linker Script Question

From: Alfie Noakes
Subject: Linker Script Question
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 19:39:23 +0100

For the linker script below I have two questions....

1)  How can I make sure the image between the end of output1 and the
beginning of output2 is filled with 0xff?

2) Even though output2 is only small, how can I force the image to
extend up to the end of bootsec and be padded with 0xff?

All day I've been trying various things from the ld manual but have
nothing to show for it  :-(

        bootsec (wx) : ORIGIN =0x00000000, LENGTH = 16k

        output1 0x0000 : 
        } >bootsec  =0xffffffff

        output2 0x3e00 : 
        } >bootsec  =0xffffffff

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