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Re: How to include automatic variables as part of a dependency

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: How to include automatic variables as part of a dependency
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017 15:46:47 -0600
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Michael Powell wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > Please send your make questions to the <> mailing list.
> Do you happen to know of a way to subscribe to that mailing list? I
> can't seem to find it and I've checked the web site.

Ah...  *That* is a question I can help with! :-)


One does not need to be subscribed in order to post.  The default is
that people will group reply to as I have done here.  But it is always
good to say you are not subscribed if you are not to ensure a copy.
Just sending a message to would post there the same
as you have been sending messages to .  There
is no difference.


There are multiple different ways to get to the mailing list
information.  One is that a listing of all of the mailing lists is
available at this URL.  It is shown as a link from every one of the
mailing lists at the bottom.


Another way is that the GNU make web directory is here:

I typed in ""; to the browser location bar
and then added "make" to the end.  Since I knew the project was called
make.  You can get to any of the projects this way.  For example the
example project "hello" and most others can be typed in there.

On the page it lists information
about the project, documentation and other thigns, and about the
mailing lists associated with it.


Another way is that many projects are hosted on Savannah, the GNU
Project software forge.  The main Savannah page is here:

Then simply search for the "make" project.  The search will turn up
this path for it.

Then select the "Mailing lists" link and it lists mailing lists
associated with the project.


Another way is that you can subscribe directly using email.  Send a
message to the address with subscribe in the
body.  This will start the subscription process which will send you a
confirmation email.  Add "-request" to any mailing list to get to the
Mailman automated robot.


Another way is that you can send email to either the address to talk to the humans who administer
the mailing list.  Add "-owner" to any mailing list to get to the
humans who administer the list.  They will be happy to help you
subscribe and unsubscribe.  Mostly unsubscribe.  Because people forget
how they subscribed and need help getting unsubscribed.

> Or a Google Group for that matter.

Of course Google uses proprietary software for their stuff and here
for the GNU Project it is all about the libre free software. :-)

Therefore we have always hosted ourselves on completely libre free
software, also making that software available to anyone else who would
like to do the same.

> Search criteria on "make" for instance, or with combinations, are a
> little to relaxed and do not turn up useful results even when
> constrained by things like "gnu".

I am rather surprised by this.  When I search for "gnu make" the very
first link is the main project page.  Actually the first eight links
are all properly related to pages associated with GNU make.  But no
matter.  Hopefully the above hints are useful to learn more about the
GNU Project.

Hope this helps!


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