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[Ifile-discuss] patch to add classifying threshold

From: Paolo
Subject: [Ifile-discuss] patch to add classifying threshold
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 10:11:55 +0200
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Hi all,

seems that ifile dev has stopped a while ago... anyone still using it?
well, for those interested, I've submitted a patch to add an 'in-between'
response, ie, from patch description:

"this patch adds a -T x (--threshold) option, such that when you classify 
and have at least 2 classes - eg spam,ham - for the top 2 ratings, 
if x>0 you get:

 ifile -T 20 -q msg

 Reading message from standard input...
 spam -78,04470873
 ham -79,89371347
 diff[spam,ham](%) 1,17

and get an 'in between' response for the -q -c mode, if 
R=(rating0-rating1)/(rating0+rating1), R*1000 < x:
            [note the added comment for this ^^^ in patch browser]

ifile -q -c -T 20 msg


ie 20 means 2% threshold."
So eg you'd use a procmail(1) rules snippet like:

CLASS=| [filterchain] | ifile $IFOPTS -q -c -T 20
* CLASS ?? spam
* CLASS ?? ham
* CLASS ?? spam,ham
* CLASS ?? ham,spam

hope this is useful to somebody (as it is 4 me).

-- paolo
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