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Re: [Ifile-discuss] patch to add classifying threshold

From: xavier dutoit
Subject: Re: [Ifile-discuss] patch to add classifying threshold
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 10:50:44 +0200
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Hi Paolo,

I did implement something roughly similar on my MDA, but outside of ifile (I take the first two lines of the standard output result and do the diff). Wasn't it possible to do that with procmail ?

Do you use more than two categories (spam, ham) ? In that case how do you deal this all the in-between categories (A, B, C, between A and B... between C and B), as all the possible combinations becomes quickly unmanagable, isn't it ?

BTW, I use fetchmail to take my emails from my accounts and I have a custom MDA (a shell script that uses ifile and writes the message into the proper Maildir with the proper name). It still beta and I'd like to add a few features. Anyone interested by a doc and the code ?


P.S. The patch file Paolo mention is downloadable at

Paolo wrote:

Hi all,

seems that ifile dev has stopped a while ago... anyone still using it?
well, for those interested, I've submitted a patch to add an 'in-between'
response, ie, from patch description:

"this patch adds a -T x (--threshold) option, such that when you classify and have at least 2 classes - eg spam,ham - for the top 2 ratings, if x>0 you get:

ifile -T 20 -q msg

Reading message from standard input...
spam -78,04470873
ham -79,89371347
diff[spam,ham](%) 1,17

and get an 'in between' response for the -q -c mode, if R=(rating0-rating1)/(rating0+rating1), R*1000 < x:
           [note the added comment for this ^^^ in patch browser]

ifile -q -c -T 20 msg


ie 20 means 2% threshold."
So eg you'd use a procmail(1) rules snippet like:

CLASS=| [filterchain] | ifile $IFOPTS -q -c -T 20
* CLASS ?? spam
* CLASS ?? ham
* CLASS ?? spam,ham
* CLASS ?? ham,spam

hope this is useful to somebody (as it is 4 me).

-- paolo

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