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Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Planning for 0.4

From: Libella
Subject: Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Planning for 0.4
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 19:32:02 +0100


 We're actually in the process of doing some test
at the company I work at to switch to GNU/Linux. It's been fun. :)


I wish we would do that, too!

This time the deadline is set to december and so I figured I'd have some time and do some other pictures first. I promised to make something for Eleanora's board. They have a christmas calendar and the front picture is going to be a collage of people's entries. I made this one snow Wilber http://www.gimp-werkstatt.de/Forum/phpBB2/album_page.php?pic_id=3087 . And for the content I wrote a small tutorial on random ornamentals with gimp http://www.gimp-werkstatt.de/Forum/phpBB2/album_page.php?pic_id=3119 . I guess it will be on the page some time in december. I really had to do this, since I promised to and it was fun, too.

In the gimpforum, Agrajag has a thread every month with a theme. And the idea was, that everyone who likes to do a picture can post it there - and when the time was nearly over, I figured, that noone except he himself did a picture for that thread, so I made one, too. It is a bit nude. http://www.gimpforum.de/album/file.php?n=5381&w=o

And there was another project which needed their logo traced to .svg. It was posted I think at sourceforge. They had a good sketch and it was about half an hour or so to do this. I did not want to do it at first, because I did not like their strange orb logo at all, but when I checked again some days later, still noone was doing it. I can't show it, because I have forgotten, where it is ;).

But no, I have not forgotten to do the pictures for kards GT. No! At least I wouldn't have dared to write to the mailing list, if I had. I can't show you the player-picture, though. It is in a very raw sketch state, at the moment.

I made the Wally-picture and the logo more or less simultaneously. I had some problems with both and the logo is still not finished.

I hope you like the Wally picture. Of course it is always a strange feeling to see someone else's interpretation of one of your characters. I changed the setting, too. I sticked with the idea of the gradient background, but used a different one and made it vertical. That was a little empty and then I thought it might be nice, to have Wally live inside a card house, especially since children are supposed to play against him. This makes it easier to estimate the relative size of the guy, too. There are some layers inside the xcf.gz this time, so you can switch the card-patterns on and off. It looked too grey without them, but maybe too distracting with them. Decide for yourselves.

The first version of the logo was very very much like the .png I got from John. I changed the filling technique for the card fronts, to make them look more opaque. It is included as .svg-file. You can edit it in inkscape or render it with gimp to the size you need. There is a preview-.png called logotux, too. svg is quite handy, because of the flexibility and John can test, if he likes to include _real_ vector graphics into the game (I think the xml-code of the .svg is needed, you can get it from opening it in inkscape). There were just two things I wanted to change in the logo, but I did not completely have success with it. The one thing is, that both of the cards are identical, which is strange. The other thing was I wanted to include something that could work as a kards GT mascot.

The tux is used in what about three thousand applications and games and so he does not work good any more to make your logo unique and have people remember it. I already wanted to ask if you'd have any ideas, but then I finished the Wally-picture and suddenly realized, that you already have a mascot ;). I could not make a working inkscape file, though. I imported Wally as pixmap but it seems that inkscape, unlike blender, has no option to append quoted files, so the .svg is not portable from my computer. I made a render, to show you how it looks like. It is called logo3.png. If you like it, I will redo Wally (or more likely just the head with the hat - that scales better) in inkscape and then I can send it to you.

There is one issue with the ttf, too. As you can see, I did not use the font, I sketched the letters by hand (or by mouse) and so it reads more like "hards GT", too. The copyright notice of the font says free for noncommercial use. GPL is not exactly the same as noncommercial, since everyone can take the program and sell it. It is not likely, that this will happen, but it would be better, to ask the font author if it would be allright to use it.

I am going back to the player picture.



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