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Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Planning for 0.4

From: John Schneiderman
Subject: Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Planning for 0.4
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 19:08:39 -0600
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On Wednesday 8 November 2006 12:32, Libella wrote:
> I made the Wally-picture and the logo more or less simultaneously. I had
> some problems with both and the logo is still not finished.
Not a problem we'll probably not be ready to release until 17 Dec. So you have 
plenty of time.
> I hope you like the Wally picture. Of course it is always a strange feeling
> to see someone else's interpretation of one of your characters. I changed
> the setting, too. I sticked with the idea of the gradient background, but
> used a different one and made it vertical. That was a little empty and then
> I thought it might be nice, to have Wally live inside a card house,
> especially since children are supposed to play against him. This makes it
> easier to estimate the relative size of the guy, too. There are some layers
> inside the xcf.gz this time, so you can switch the card-patterns on and
> off. It looked too grey without them, but maybe too distracting with them.
> Decide for yourselves.
I love your image of Wally. I definitely like the image with the card house. 
> The first version of the logo was very very much like the .png I got from
> John. I changed the filling technique for the card fronts, to make them
> look more opaque. It is included as .svg-file. You can edit it in inkscape
> or render it with gimp to the size you need. There is a preview-.png called
> logotux, too. svg is quite handy, because of the flexibility and John can
> test, if he likes to include _real_ vector graphics into the game (I think
> the xml-code of the .svg is needed, you can get it from opening it in
> inkscape). There were just two things I wanted to change in the logo, but I
> did not completely have success with it. The one thing is, that both of the
> cards are identical, which is strange. The other thing was I wanted to
> include something that could work as a kards GT mascot.
When KardsGT moves to QT 4, then we'll start using SVG graphics. Too much of 
the current code is based on pixmaps to go to SVGs I think.
> The tux is used in what about three thousand applications and games and so
> he does not work good any more to make your logo unique and have people
> remember it. I already wanted to ask if you'd have any ideas, but then I
> finished the Wally-picture and suddenly realized, that you already have a
> mascot ;). I could not make a working inkscape file, though. I imported
> Wally as pixmap but it seems that inkscape, unlike blender, has no option
> to append quoted files, so the .svg is not portable from my computer. I
> made a render, to show you how it looks like. It is called logo3.png. If
> you like it, I will redo Wally (or more likely just the head with the hat -
> that scales better) in inkscape and then I can send it to you.
I definitely like the logo with Wally and Tux. You are right, having Wally as 
a mascot will make it more distinguished. Good call. If you want to change 
the background, feel free to do so. I look forward to the new images. 
> There is one issue with the ttf, too. As you can see, I did not use the
> font, I sketched the letters by hand (or by mouse) and so it reads more
> like "hards GT", too. The copyright notice of the font says free for
> noncommercial use. GPL is not exactly the same as noncommercial, since
> everyone can take the program and sell it. It is not likely, that this will
> happen, but it would be better, to ask the font author if it would be
> allright to use it.
I didn't know that the font was a non-commercial font. Strange that it got on 
my system. At any rate, the font style is not critical. Feel free to either 
find a new font that is GPL compatible, or draw something by hand. I had 
originally only selected it out of the fonts on my computer because it looked 
fun and exciting. Which is what I was trying to go for, since our current 
"motto" is "KardsGT: You're now free to play"

Good luck with all your other projects. :) You keep busy just like I do. 


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