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Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Images

From: John Schneiderman
Subject: Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Images
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 22:39:31 -0500
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On Tuesday 01 May 2007 14:08, Libella wrote:
> Sorry for replying this late. I had no time due some projects at home and
> at work and I have been involved in a picture battle (never again) which
> eats much time and makes one not want to think about graphics for the time
> it is going on. Although there is still one picture to be done I am
> relieved it is over and can concentrate on other things now.
It's okay. I'm just glad everything is okay. I was worried there. Did you win 
your picture battle? :)

> Kards GT uses red and blue, but I wanted to avoid limitation to this, so I
> calculated in some space for a white track and added coordinates for it.
> Maybe some time someone wants to add it to the game. Until then, noone sees
> it, as long as the skins don't depict it.
I love that you left room for the extra track. It is in the plans to one day 
go back and add that part of the game.
> For the jumpers, there needs to be a convention. To make skin making easy,
> it would be nice to provide a clear rule like "jumper images have the size
> of 9x9 pixels and cover the coordinates at 4,4". There is just one thing to
> keep in mind: either the size is very limited or overlapping is possible.
> With 9x9 overlapping is possible, but that could be solved by blitting from
> the lowest to the highest value jumper. Please spend a minute and make up a
> convention and tell me so I can adjust the jumper images' sizes to that.

> I really am sorry for replying that late
Not a problem, I'm glad you repiled. :D

I love the layout of the boards. I have a few concerns that I think we should 
take into consideration before we add the boards. The jumpers are very tiny, 
it's hard to see them. How hard would it be to make them larger so you can 
see what number you're at? The only other problem is that the highest stake 
you can have in Cribbage is 7, but we display 10. For the sake of simplicity, 
lets make the rule that the size is limited. 

                I egarly await your reply,

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