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Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Images

From: Jennifer Seger
Subject: Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Images
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 22:29:42 -0500
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What's a picture battle?

On Thursday 03 May 2007 22:39, John Schneiderman wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 May 2007 14:08, Libella wrote:
> > Sorry for replying this late. I had no time due some projects at home and
> > at work and I have been involved in a picture battle (never again) which
> > eats much time and makes one not want to think about graphics for the
> > time it is going on. Although there is still one picture to be done I am
> > relieved it is over and can concentrate on other things now.
> It's okay. I'm just glad everything is okay. I was worried there. Did you
> win your picture battle? :)
> > Kards GT uses red and blue, but I wanted to avoid limitation to this, so
> > I calculated in some space for a white track and added coordinates for
> > it. Maybe some time someone wants to add it to the game. Until then,
> > noone sees it, as long as the skins don't depict it.
> I love that you left room for the extra track. It is in the plans to one
> day go back and add that part of the game.
> > For the jumpers, there needs to be a convention. To make skin making
> > easy, it would be nice to provide a clear rule like "jumper images have
> > the size of 9x9 pixels and cover the coordinates at 4,4". There is just
> > one thing to keep in mind: either the size is very limited or overlapping
> > is possible. With 9x9 overlapping is possible, but that could be solved
> > by blitting from the lowest to the highest value jumper. Please spend a
> > minute and make up a convention and tell me so I can adjust the jumper
> > images' sizes to that.
> >
> > I really am sorry for replying that late
> Not a problem, I'm glad you repiled. :D
> I love the layout of the boards. I have a few concerns that I think we
> should take into consideration before we add the boards. The jumpers are
> very tiny, it's hard to see them. How hard would it be to make them larger
> so you can see what number you're at? The only other problem is that the
> highest stake you can have in Cribbage is 7, but we display 10. For the
> sake of simplicity, lets make the rule that the size is limited.
>               I egarly await your reply,
>                       John

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