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[Koha-devel] classification, dewey, and subclass

From: Tonnesen Steve
Subject: [Koha-devel] classification, dewey, and subclass
Date: Wed Oct 10 12:59:10 2001

What exactly is the "classification" field for?  I'm having problems with
modbibitem trouncing on my subclass.  It appears that the "class" field in
modbibitem.pl contains "$dewey$classification$subclass" and when an item
has a subclass but no dewey, the classification gets set to the value that
the subclass used to have and the subclass gets blanked out.  I don't want
to implement a fix for this that breaks whatever you are doing in NZ, but
I don't understand why it is this way?  Why doesn't modbibitem have
separate fields for dewey, classification and subclass?


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