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Re: [Koha-devel] Not sure how to contribute, but I thought I'd share.

From: paul POULAIN
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] Not sure how to contribute, but I thought I'd share.
Date: Wed Aug 6 02:04:11 2003
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Pat Eyler wrote:

I've never contributed code to an Open Source project before so if I'm
doing it all wrong I'm sorry.

You're NOT doing wrong. It's the right place. Note that you could create a "bugreport" in bugzilla (bugs.koha.org), with an attached patch, but he could have been lost in the middle of other bugs.

I work for an adult learning center (state
funded basic education for adults) with a small library. We just
downloaded and installed Koha and it looks great. The z3950 search tool
didn't function quite as we expected. We were hoping to be able to use a
barcode scanner to read the barcode and start the search, but the form
only takes ISBN and the barcode is EAN (which has 8 of the ISBN digits
encoded in it). We modified
'/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/acqui.simple/marcimport.pl ' so that if the ISBN
query was 13 digits instead of 9, then convert the 13 digit EAN to a 9
digit ISBN before its submitted to the queue. It seems to be working,
but we aren't using any other part of the search so I'm not sure how
well the patch works. I'm attaching a diff of the changes in case those
in charge decide they would like them or if anyone else on the list can
use them. Again if this isn't the right place, or more information is
needed please let me know. Thanks for such a great, open source software

The beauty of OSS / Free software is that 100 ppl comes with a little bit of wood, and everybody go back home with a full table, with chairs & bbq :-)
I mark your mail "red" as reminder for me : i'll test/include it asap.
Nicholas R => feel free to add our new contributor to the contrib list.
Jeremy, your school is now co-owner of Koha[1]. Congratulations.

Thank you for getting involved.  If you think you'll continue to
contribute code to Koha, I'd recommend that you subscribe to the
koha-devel mailing list, and that you get a sourceforge account and let me
know what it is so that I can get you set up as a developer on the
Pate, maybe the sun is too hot in USA (it's really hot in France here), but Jeremy posted this mail on koha-devel, so he already subscribes the ml :-D

[1] It may seems to be not important, but it is important : if one day someone wants to change Koha licence, he MUST get aknowledgment of ALL contributors. Or remove all the corresponding code. (Note you don't have to worry too much : i'm author of 99% of MARC stuff, & I don't intend to say yes if someone wanted to change the licence :-) )

Consultant ind├ępendant en logiciels libres
responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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