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[Koha-devel] Bug questions from meeting

From: MJ Ray
Subject: [Koha-devel] Bug questions from meeting
Date: Wed Aug 6 13:10:07 2003
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seems to be specific to a single site.  How should we handle it?

It seems that we will have a fix for
today but should there be a category for "Templates"?

Other edited highlights of the shortened meeting:
<slef> 59 bugs open, 6 new this week, 310 bugfixes awaiting checking,
        0 awaiting closure
<owen> If you don't mind, could you talk about 'bugfixes awaiting
        checking'?  What needs to be done there?
<slef> Those are bugs that a developer says they fixed, but no-one has
        checked that independently.  It shows up on koha if you search
        for bugs marked "RESOLVED" against 1.9x and 2.0 version. If you
        have a 2.0 pre-release koha running, you can check to see if a
        bug reported as fixed before it was released really is.
<owen> So anyone can (and should) go in and check those fixes?
<slef> Yes, please. I'm still plodding through installer fixes, so I've
        not done any for a few weeks.
<slef> It would be great if we can catch any half-fixed bugs before 2.0.0
<slef> 2.0.0pre2 was released on 9 July
<slef> The bug life cycle is something like: reported -> NEW -> ASSIGNED
<slef> right now, we're not getting that many reports, but things seem
        to go from NEW to RESOLVED quite quick and they get stuck there
        just now.
<slef> owen: oh, small point: the developers of that part of koha should
        not be the ones to mark a bug VERIFIED I think

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