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[Koha-devel] koha-2.0.1 frozen, now in arch, will release soon

From: MJ Ray
Subject: [Koha-devel] koha-2.0.1 frozen, now in arch, will release soon
Date: Thu Jun 3 08:50:12 2004

I am declaring a freeze for koha-2.0.1 and have taken a snapshot of the CVS. I will test install this a few times in a few ways and then release. Admins, am I allowed to upload the final tarball to sourceforge when ready, or do you have to do that?

Now, info for developers, users and anyone wanting to be a new download mirror:

Info for developers

As previously mentioned, I have moved koha 2.0.x into a GNU Arch as a test. If you have tla, you can find the archive name (address@hidden), location (http://www.mjr.dsl.pipex.com/koha20/), project name (koha--release2--0.1) and some instructions on how to checkout working copies at http://www.mjr.dsl.pipex.com/

Please, developers, help koha development by trying arch out. I am happy to answer questions by email, or I can join IRC sometimes (but may be slow to answer). I will update my docs in response to questions.

Info for users

Well, if you read -devel, you must want to follow bleeding-edge code, right? If you don't have arch, you should be able to use the prerelease 2.0.1-beta0 anyway. The signed md5 checksum is at http://www.mjr.dsl.pipex.com/koha20/koha/koha--release2/koha--release2--0.1/base-0/checksum and it contains the (long) filename of the 4Mb-ish tar.gz file.

Info for mirror sites

I need mirrors! My ISP probably won't allow infinite downloads! It's only 4Mb now, but it will probably grow. I will set up other UK mirrors if I need to, but if you have 20 or 30Mb of public http or ftp space spare, accessible as a local disk, sftp, ftp or webdav, I think you can mirror koha-2.0.1 with the commands: tla register-archive address@hidden http://www.mjr.dsl.pipex.com/koha20/ tla make-archive --mirror-from address@hidden PATH/TO/YOUR/FILESPACE/
  tla mirror-archive address@hidden

So, if your space is accessible for uploads over sftp at the URI sftp://address@hidden/var/www/koha/, then put that as the last thing on the make-archive line.

Add that mirror-archive command to some timed execution. Tell me the URL people can access it through, where in the world it is (Country and ISP?) and how often it updates so I can add it to my page. Again, I'm very happy to answer questions about this, especially if I got the command above wrong.

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