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Re: [Koha-devel] Itemtype and MARC21 Quandry

From: Stephen Hedges
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] Itemtype and MARC21 Quandry
Date: Sun Oct 2 16:48:22 2005
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Chris, I think you mean for a *non*-MARC record you (may) get 1 biblio ->
multiple biblioitems -> multiple items.  MARC records always produce 1
biblio -> 1 biblioitem -> multiple items.


Chris Cormack said:
> Sylvain Machefert wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I sent a mail one week ago about this same problem for a library who has
>>books for adults and books for children with different issuing rules but
>> the
>>same notice. I'm in favour of linking the itemptype to the item, not to
>> the
>>hope there'll be an elegant fix for that ...
> Hi All
> I honestly dont think this is the problem, whether the itemtype is on
> items, or biblioitems.
> The problem is that the import is only making 1 biblioitem.
> If you have a MARC record that contains multiple record types, you
> should get 1 biblio -> multiple biblioitems -> multiple items.
> This is not what is happening, and this is what is causing the problems.
> So we need to fix this.
> Chris

Stephen Hedges
Skemotah Solutions, USA
www.skemotah.com  --  address@hidden

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