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[Koha-devel] someone knocks at the door. who is it ? It's koha 2.2.4 !

From: Paul POULAIN
Subject: [Koha-devel] someone knocks at the door. who is it ? It's koha 2.2.4 !
Date: Mon Oct 10 02:44:19 2005
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Koha is the 1st Open-Source Integrated Library System.
Released at first in New zealand, in 2000 januaray, it is maintained by a team of volunteers from around the globe, the Koha system is a full catalogue, opac, circulation and acquisitions system.

Koha 2.2 is more than 247 000 lines of code, developped by more than 30 differents developpers (excluding translators).

With the 2.2 version, Koha is now a mature product, with a lot of nice features. It's used in more than 50 libraries, from all kinds (public, schools, search, religious...), of all size (from 1 to 8 branches, from 1000 to 300 000 items).

Koha 2.2.4 should be the last release of the 2.2 branch with new features. Koha 2.2.5 should contain only bugfixes. However, Koha 3.0 is already on the way and should give libraries a new great experience ;-)

* The librarian interface is tested only with mozilla/firefox. Should work (partially) with IE. OPAC should work fine with any navigator. * The installer is *wrong* on languages available. In this release, french & english are uptodate. Other language po files are provided in the package. If you update/complete one of them, please send it at paul.poulain @ free.fr, it will be included in a 2.2.4b release !

Critical/blocking : none
see bugs.koha.org for more information. Please report any problem in bugs.koha.org

Diff 2.2.3 => 2.2.4


DB structure :
* field note added in serial table.
* field branchcode added in aqbookfund and aqbasket table.
DB content :
* systempref IndependantBranch added (see detail below)
* systempref ReturnBeforeExpiry added (see detail below)
* systempref Disable_Dictionary added (see detail below)

Koha opac stylesheets :
* no new stylesheet class, but the official stylesheet has been highly modified

* created a plugin & tools to manage the MARC leader.
* fixing a bug in subfield order when MARCgetbiblio
* adding some diacritic decoding (Ä, Ü...)
* removing -s parameter in z3950 client, as it does not work for FreeBSD servers * Managing multiple URLs in normal view : if you type more than 1 URL in 856$u (same field in both marc21 and unimarc!), the normal view will show multiple URL, not a single one with all urls concatenated.
* Fixing a bug in MARC editor for fields >200 characters.
* fixing a bug in MARC editor when there are more than 1 list of the same type (lang, branch...)

=== OPAC ===
* getting rid with "Internal Server Error" that happends when there is no stopwords * Removing a 'request' button in opac-detail, that was here even if there was no items for loan
* budget can now be branch dependant : when you define a bookfund, you can choose a branch. If you don't, the bookfund can be used by any librarian in acquisition. If you choose one, only a librarian from the branch can use this bookfund. Note that librarians with superlibrarian flag can always order from any bookfund.
* adding the number of orders & line count in acquisition history.
* if the library defines Asort1 or/and Asort2 (A for Acquisition) authorized values category, the free fields sort1 and sort2 will be a list containing what the authorized value category contains. If they are not defined, the behaviour does not change : the value in sort1 and sort2 is a standard input

* added a ReturnBeforeExpiry systempreferences. If set to yes, then the returndate will be limited to the expirydate of the borrower card. If set to no, then the returndate can be after the expirydate of the borrowercard. This was the previous behaviour, but some libraries have expirydate that means "the student will leave the school at this date", so the return limit must be properly set.

* when displaying ISBN, - are automatically added where needed. (Internally, ISBN are sill without -) * some graphic modifs in MARC view : colors & font weight + when a field has only 1 subfield, the subfield name & code is not repeated, as it is useless.

* getting rid with the limit "biblionumber & biblioitemnumber must be in the same tag". So, we can put biblionumber in 001 (field that has no subfields, so we can't also put biblioitemnumber in this field), and use biblionumber as identifier in the MARC biblio too. * adding a script misc/migration_tools/build_authorities.pl to rebuild authorities after a bulkmarcimport. This script is highly faster & better than build_6xx.pl that is still here, but just for historic purposes.

=== MEMBERS ===
* adding the number of member & line count in searching members screen
* if the library defines Bsort1 or/and Bsort2 (B for Borrower) authorized values category, the free fields sort1 and sort2 will be a list containing what the authorized value category contains. If they are not defined, the behaviour does not change : the value in sort1 and sort2 is a standard input.

=== OPAC ===
* Adding reading history button when the user is identified.
* Adding page to let patron change it's password.
* Adding an 'exact search' checkbox in advanced search. Will search exactly what the user type. * improving subject links for libraries with complex/complete authority management. * Re-introduced exact search to do a search on terms exactly like the user type it. * added volumdeddesc to result list, will be more friendly for books in X parts. * added Disable_Dictionnary systempref. If set to yes, there is no more dictionnary button in OPAC.
* added SortItemsBy systempref.

=== SERIALS ===
* when recieving a serial, 2 options have been added (not issued & delete. Options added to waited, arrived, missing & late). Not issued means "book not issued, will never arrive at the library. "delete" deletes the entry. It's useful when you are waiting for Issue #511 and Issue #512 and recieve a Issue #511-512 : you change issue # for one of them & set "recieved" and delete the other. * a note field has been added for each serial. You can use it to store some information on a given (waited/late) serial. For example, you can note "bookseller called on 8/21/05, serial will be sent next month".
* detailled history view ported from OPAC to librarian interface as well.
* the history view is ordered by year, but also by subscription, to see all issues of a given subscription at once. * the feature to delete a subscription ONLY when no issues has been done has been removed : you can delete a subscription at any time (it deletes issues & history as well, be careful when deleting ;-) )

* adding tabs to systempreferences screen : displaying preferences category by category (admin, acquisition, authorities, catalogue, circulation, members, OPAC and others). That makes systempreferences system easier to use * Adding a "IndependantBranch" systempref. If you select it, then your branches are considered as independant, and the librarians from a branch can't change things from another branch : - items owned by branch A can't be modified/deleted by a librarian from branch B - items, bookfunds and borrower created by a librarian can only be attached to it's own branch - borrowers from a branch A can't be modified/deleted by a librarian from branch B Note that issues are not concerned by this limit : a borrower from branch A can issue/return book from anywhere and, of course, transferts can always be done too. Also remember that librarians with superlibrarian privilege can alway work on every branch

=== ALL ==
* adding a small image with Koha egg to have the egg in window title bar & get rid with those pesky "can't find favicon.gif" in apache logs.

Consultant indépendant en logiciels libres
responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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