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Re: [Koha-devel] Help writing or customizing plugins

From: Andres Tarallo
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] Help writing or customizing plugins
Date: Fri Oct 21 10:48:50 2005
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Thanks Paul and the others who made suggestions.

Right now I have a small plugin that lets me load an author from the
previously loaded ones, this is workin g in 100a and 700a.
This speeds up the cataloging, among enhacing the quality of the
catalog. If my librarians give me green light I hope to make a
similar one with publishers and institucional authors (110a and 710a).

My hope is to program something that is generic enough to be contributed
back to the main project. when it's good enought i will sen it to you to
be loaded at the CVS

A problem that we found with Ernesto is that most of our developments
are very specific to the needs of Universidad ORT. An
other problem we have is that the Universitiy wants results for certain
dates, that may not be compatible with roadmap of the main project. 
Right now we're just doing mantainance in our Koha system, and we where
focused to work on other projects.

I will love to do IRC with you an other koha developers, maybe i can do
it from my home. Here in the University we have a very restrictive
firewall that we don't control, so we can't do IRC nor CVS.


Paul POULAIN wrote:
> + don't hesitate to ask questions here, or reach irc.katipo.co.nz:6667
> #koha, between 7 and 17 GMT. You should usually find me.
> Note I hope you'll be writing plugin in english and give them to CVS ;-)

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