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[Koha-devel] New.koha.org progress and translations

From: Russel Garlick
Subject: [Koha-devel] New.koha.org progress and translations
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 15:37:21 +1200

Hi everyone,

A couple of us have been playing with plone for the new version of the Koha site. The goal is to have a new site up and going for the upcoming release of version 3.

We have an install up and going at http://new.koha.org:8080/koha/. It is using a default plone look at the moment, but as I am interested mainly in the content, I have plugged in most of the content from the current site.

We have a couple of things up and going:

The Plone Help Centre
Although it seems to have a few issues, by and large this seems to be pretty nice. It covers the full gambit of docs and has some nice features which allows you to tag docs against an audience (End User, Sys Admin, Developer) and version.

Multilingual Content (using LinguaPlone)
In a perfect world, we would have a completely multilingual site. This is something that was going to be very difficult to do on the old platform.

At the moment, I have done one page (as a proof of concept)
http://new.koha.org:8080/koha/documentation/manual/koha-2.2/ introduction/view?set_language=en http://new.koha.org:8080/koha/documentation/manual/koha-2.2/ introduction-1/view?set_language=fr

Unfortunately my French extends about as far as ordering a coffee and my Russian as far as identifying a book and table.

So the purpose of this email? I am asking for your help, particularly with translations.

If you would like to lend a hand, then please email me off list or drop me a line on #koha and we can get you set up.


Russel Garlick                             address@hidden
General Manager - Australasia                          +64 21 542 188
LibLime Limited                                       www.liblime.com

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