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Re: [Librefm-discuss] Scrobbling libre to last - gmusicbrowser

From: Gordon Haverland
Subject: Re: [Librefm-discuss] Scrobbling libre to last - gmusicbrowser
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2012 14:15:47 -0600
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On June 9, 2012, Gordon Haverland wrote:
> How does a person debug this?

[talking to myself.]

Well, taking a step back to let amarok try and work.

Initially, amarok would only send information directly to Last.  
To have amarok send to instead, apparently lastfmsubmitd 
and lastmpd need to be involved.  This used to be one package, and 
is now 2 packages on Debian.  That the site I have been updating 
from decided to go down this morning was annoying.

Not enough stuff installed I guess.  I seem to be getting through 
now, but I get double entries at Libre and Last.  At least using 
amarok as the music source on this end.

I seem to either get double counting via amarok, or no counting at 
both and

Maybe I spelled my password wrong?  In any event, gmusicbrowser 
seems to be sending fine, and the results are getting pushed 
through to (not doubled).  There will be errors in my 
data, as gmusicbrowser only seems to use song file names for 
deriving song title/album/artist data, and I have songs that are 
improperly named in that regard.

As gmusicbrowser seems to be significantly more stable than amarok 
(and most KDE things seem to leak memory), I am stuck with 
gmusicbrowser for the forseeable future.


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