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Support for launching the FSF forge

From: Karl-Philipp Richter
Subject: Support for launching the FSF forge
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2020 14:50:42 +0200
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Please let me know if there's any support I can provide in getting the
FSF forge or a proof of concept up and running. I have experience in
software development and operations of SAAS web platforms. I have no
experience in working strictly with free software only, it seems like a
feasible challenge and good experience to me, though.

I'm not so well suited to evaluate the compliance of existing
applications with the FSF guidelines, though. I'm however following the
development on

I'm addressing you on this list because it was recommended on
I'm not sure about the connection between the conference LibrePlanet and
the project to setup the forge. Kindly redirect me if this the wrong
place for my offer.

My motivation is to finally/even faster be able to contribute to free
software projects which are using mailing lists and lack appropriate
tools for collaboration on software development.

Best regards
Kalle Richter

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