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RE: [libunwind] Libunwind would not make- HELP !!!!

From: Earl
Subject: RE: [libunwind] Libunwind would not make- HELP !!!!
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 12:46:04 -0000

Thank you to everyone for your advice/support/contribution to my g95
problem. I may have got something going now!


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Subject: RE: [libunwind] Libunwind would not make- HELP !!!!

On Fri, 2005-02-25 at 04:48, Earl wrote:
> Operation System: Red Hat Linux Advance Server 2.1
> Gcc version: gcc-2.96
> Directory: /usr/bin/gcc

gcc-2.96 was the first IA-64 gcc release, and is known to have lots of
problems.  In particular, the ABI has changed significantly since then
because we got a number of things wrong at the beginning.  The system
will probably work fine, but if you want to upgrade anything (gcc,
glibc, kernel) you are likely to run into compatibility problems.

Debian is free, and is based on recent gcc/glibc/kernel releases.

> I have downloaded and installed the g95 binary below:
> Linux IA64 Binary (64 bits) (2005-02-23 21:50)

Oh, I didn't know you downloaded a binary.  I thought you compiled the
gcc sources.  Yes, this binary was linked against a version of David's
libunwind library.  But it was linked against an older version of
libunwind, before the last ABI change.  Plus the fact that libunwind
can't be compiled on your system because it is too old, and the fact
that these binaries were built on a system that is ABI incompatible with
yours.  I think there is little chance of getting these binaries working
on your system.

You would have a better chance if you build g95 from source.

And even even better chance if you upgrade your OS, at which point you
can probably get the binaries working by making a link for the missing
libunwind shared library that g95 is looking for.

Oh, and by the way, I would suggest trying gfortran instead of g95. 
gfortran is part of the FSF gcc sources, and supports Fortran 95. 
gfortran is based on a version of the g95 sources, but unlike g95, has
an open development model, and there are multiple people working on it. 
There are no FSF gcc releases containing gfortran, but you can get
source snapshots from  Since g95 is also based on gcc
snapshots, gfortran stability shouldn't be any worse than g95.

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