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[libunwind] building recent bk libunwind on x86-64

From: Nathan Froyd
Subject: [libunwind] building recent bk libunwind on x86-64
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 15:09:25 -0600
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I pulled the latest version of libunwind from the BK repository as
per some mailing list instructions here several days ago.  One of my
motivations for doing so was to see if libunwind had improved on
x86-64 from the 0.98.x series.  I compiled with a recent GCC snapshot
so that (theoretically) the necessary unwind info would be generated.

I found that I had to apply to the attached patch to make everything
compile.  However, even with the latest and greatest GCC, several
tests which the README indicates should not fail do, in fact, fail:


Is there a particular requirement for libc/kernel/gcc/etc. for the
information in the README to be accurate?  The system I compiled
libunwind on is a Gentoo system; the version of glibc is 2.3.4 from
around the middle of June 2004.
Nathan | From Man's effeminate slackness it begins.  --Paradise Lost

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