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Re: [Linphone-users]error running oRTP test progs on iPAQ

From: Mildred L. Frisco
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users]error running oRTP test progs on iPAQ
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 16:45:58 +0800
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I'm really sorry. Forgive a newbie :) I'll try to limit my questions next time


Simon Morlat wrote:


You must install cross compiled binaries before putting them on the
target machine. As oRTP test programs are not installed by default, I
suggest that you change noinst_PROGRAMS to bin_PROGRAMS inside
oRTP/src/ to get them installed.

You are asking many questions on this mailling list. I'm sorry but I
can't answer to most of them. I work on linphone and oRTP as a night
job, but very often I need to sleep. As people have already noticed,
linphone's developpement is going very slowly, and if I should answer to
all questions linphone's developpement will stop immediately.
That's why I will answer to precise and technical questions as I did a
few lines above, support rapidly bug fix requests, but don't expect of
me to give you general and "getting started" presentations on oRTP or
whatever. There are some existing API documentations, some README, and
it's open source, and this is not for nothing. Hope that you understand.


Le ven 25/04/2003 à 04:25, Mildred L. Frisco a écrit :

Hi! I've cross-compiled the oRTP library using the arm toolchain from I first cross-compiled glib-2.2.1 and then oRTP. It was successful and produced libraries and test executables. I downloaded rtpsend, rtprecv to iPAQ linux and tried to run it. However it produced the following errors:

cd: can't cd to /home/mildred/oRTP-arm/ortp-0.6.0/src
eval: /skiff/local/bin/arm-linux-gcc: No such file or directory

those two libraries mentioned are in the host development platform, I wonder why does it need to find these two. do i still need to install the libraries ( in order to run these? or do the test executables already contain the oRTP functions?



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