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Re: [Linphone-users]linphone and eStara phone

From: David Stuart
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users]linphone and eStara phone
Date: 25 Apr 2003 09:01:09 -0400

Yes, I should have added that I was using a headset (but still hearing
the echo? That's strange but true)..

Of course, something that might have to do with it, is that we are
testing by connecting via SIP/RTP to a machine which has a "loopback"
configured, i.e. its sound output is connected directly into its sound
input. What should happen is that when I say something, I SHOULD hear
myself, but only once since there is no loopback on my end. What happens
is that I hear myself echoing again and again.

For fun however, I connected to a machine not like this configuration
and experienced similar problems.

I only just recently noticed that if I switch the input in linphone to
"line" and then back to "micro" that the problem (for some reason) goes

On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 04:07, Simon Morlat wrote:
> Hi,
> This is probably an acoustic echo. It is recommended to use headsets at
> both ends.
> There's no problem with your sound configuration.
> Simon
> Le jeu 24/04/2003 à 21:32, David Stuart a écrit :
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > Please CC me in any replies as I am not subscribed to the list..
> > 
> > Quick question about linphone <--> eStara phone connections. When I try
> > this, I get horrible echoes. Sounds like a feedback but not quite
> > (because it doesn't degenerate into a squealing noise, but the same
> > sound just repeats again and again whenever you speak)..
> > 
> > Interestingly enough, when I select "line in" as the input, and then
> > "micro" again, the problem disappears. But, when I go back to the Gnome
> > audio control panel, the echo is back again.
> > 
> > I think I must have something with my sound misconfigured? I am using
> > ALSA drivers and have the snd-intel8x0 card configured.
> > 
> > Thank you for any help you can give me,
> > Dave
> -- 
> Simon Morlat <address@hidden>
David Stuart, SIPQuest
phone: 254-8886 x234 web:

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