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Re: [Linphone-users]Liphone - SER set-up over IPv6

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users]Liphone - SER set-up over IPv6
Date: 15 Jun 2003 15:55:16 +0200


> Though when I run Linphone on my SER server machine the configuration panel 
> comes up with full information about my network connectivity (whereby I can 
> choose my IPv6 address to use), when I run Linphone on the other two 
> machines only the IPv4 addresses come up in the list. I've tried repeatedly 
> to find out what are the differences between the machines' set-up but up to 
> now everything seems identical.
This is very very strange. 
Linphone uses the getifaddrs() system call to get the list of availlable
network interfaces. I can see no reason why they can be found on one
machine and not the others.
The only explanation I think of is that the linphones running on the 2
machines where IPv6 interfaces are not seen has not been compiled with
IPv6 support. A -DINET6 compile option is set on every file when IPv6
can be enabled.
In order to be sure of you do not have this problem, use the same binary
(the one that works) on the 3 machines. By running configure with
--disable-shared you will get a statically linked program.
Please inform me of your progress.
> Hence I was wondering what Linphone actually uses to detect the network 
> addresses of the machine that it provides as choices in the configuration 
> panel. Does it look them up in /etc/hosts? Does it probe for  active 
> interfaces? Is there some line in the .gnome2/linphone file that can force 
> Linphone to only use IPv6?
> The funny thing is that as it is now, my Linphone clients register 
> successfully with the SER server using IPv6 packets to communicate to it (I 
> enter the SER server's IPv6 address with [..] in the configuration panel and 
> then I check the registration messages also with #tcpdump ip6) but they 
> register their contact address in IPv4!
> Any help appreciated, thanks
> Vangelis
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