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[Linphone-users] linphone2.1.0 for arm Could not find eXosip2 library wi

From: Erwan A
Subject: [Linphone-users] linphone2.1.0 for arm Could not find eXosip2 library with version >= 3.0.2 !
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 19:41:44 +0200

Hi all,

I try to compil linphone2.1.0 for ARM. I have succeed in Cross compilation of 
libogg, libosip2, speex-1.2 and  libeXosip2-3.0.3. But when i try to cross 
compil Linphone-2.1.0 i have this following error

checking for OSIP... checking osip2/osip.h usability... yes
checking osip2/osip.h presence... yes
checking for osip2/osip.h... yes
checking for osip_init in -losip2... yes
checking for osip_message_init in -losipparser2... yes
checking eXosip2/eXosip.h usability... yes
checking eXosip2/eXosip.h presence... yes
checking for eXosip2/eXosip.h... yes
checking for eXosip_subscribe_remove in -leXosip2... no
configure: error: Could not find eXosip2 library with version>= 3.0.2 !

I use this command line to configure linphone :

./configure --prefix=/root/armbuild --host=i686-pc-linux --target=arm-linux 
--disable-static --disable-glib --enable-gnome_ui=no --disable-manual 
--enable-ipv6 --enable-alsa --with-osip=/root/armbuild 

where /root/armbuild is my arm directory.

Does anyone have any idea ?

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