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Re: [Linphone-users] [Fwd: linphone-2.1.1 build completely broken on fre

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] [Fwd: linphone-2.1.1 build completely broken on freebsd 7]
Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 12:15:32 +0200
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Dear Alex,

I have a one month delay in answering emails. I don't ignore your emails (I 
have already answered some of yours), I'm just late in answering them, as 
other people's request.
It seems you do not realize what "lack of time" means. I have plenty of 
problems to solve (some older than 6 months !) , plenty of emails to answer 
(not only the ones on the mailing list), a job in another company on a 
different topic and two childrens.
If I said on the website that linphone was working on OpenBSD, it is certainly 
because someday somebody reported it to work. Perhaps it is no more the case 
today. I'll clarify the website.
Please be patient and be indulgent.


> I'd only be too happy to, but my programming skills are limited and
> there are only so many things in the code that I can fix, hence why I
> was asking the author for help regarding the compiler errors. As for the
> author not having resources, its not really an excuse these days,
> programs like VMWare and Bochs exist for linux (there is a 30 day
> evaluation copy of a fully functional VMware available for linux, thats
> ample time to test and fix compiler errors), and FreeBSD can easily be
> installed that way, so one does not need a dedicated piece of hardware
> to test on other platforms.
> Some help with the compilation errors is not an unreasonable request,
> but the author prefers to ignore my posts. Any additional problems other
> than compilation errors, I can probably get help from the bsd community
> in resolving. As the code doesn't compile cleanly, I feel the author
> should at least comment on this and perhaps suggest a way to fix it.
> Sorry if I come across as rude, but I am just frustrated. I want to
> help, but the authors silence is deafening and not encouraging.
> Cheers
> Alex.
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