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Gearlib as a DSP Library

From: Marco Ballini
Subject: Gearlib as a DSP Library
Date: Wed May 30 13:00:02 2001

Hello everybody!
I'm writing new filter machines. Some of them will provide IIR filtering
from analog prototypes and one of them tries to simulate a Moog VCF (I
haven't tested it, because of some problems related to my GNU/Linux
distribution) .

1) I have many questions about implementing numeric filters in C and in
general about DSP programming related to (optimized for) Octal. I really
hope one day we'll find in Gearlib site lots of tips, articles, code
snippets, web links, etc. especially related to writing good machines for

2) I'm trying to writing functions and structures that can be reused by
other machines: something that could go in the Gearlib and hopefully be used
by other machine developers. When we'll have enough code in Gearlib we will
be able to write robust machines and (especially) optimized for Octal (or a
similar system).

Suppose I'll want to write a new synthesizer: I'll simply have to grab an
oscillator and a filter, or something else, from Gearlib and put these
functions in my machine code. Now, I think that it would be better if these
pieces of code had some kind of standardization. I mean that GEARLIB (or a
part of it) could become a DSP LIBRARY (something like STK or others, but
thought to be used in Octal machines).

Yes, you already discussed about this (in March 2001) and it seemed to me
that many (well some, I don't know how many) of you agreed that Gearlib (or,
I repeat, a part of it) could turn into a DSP Library.
Now, that's the point. How should be this library? For example: Should we
adopt a naming convention ? For example similar to that of GTK+ (this is
what I'm doing with my machine's C code)? How should happen signal routing
inside a machine? I think that I could write my functions and structure (and
thus machines) more easily if I had to follow some standards.

Thanks for any answer,

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