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[Oroborus-user] Oroborus 2.0.16

From: Stefan Pfetzing
Subject: [Oroborus-user] Oroborus 2.0.16
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 00:12:45 +0200

Hi folks,

its already in the arch repository, and will (hopefully - if I can fix the errors in session.c with gcc-4.0 and "-Wall -pedantic") be released quite soon.

I'm now picking up work again on a C++ Version of Oroborus.

Btw: maybe you'll have to re-run the "tla get" command, because versions can change - a simple tla update won't do it then.

I'll fix this after the 2.0.16 release, then there will be a oroborus--devel--2.0 (or similar) archive.



Oroborus and Debian GNU/Linux Developer.

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