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Re: [Oroborus-user] Oroborus 2.0.16

From: Stefan Pfetzing
Subject: Re: [Oroborus-user] Oroborus 2.0.16
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 03:36:51 +0200

Hi again,

... replying to myself ...

Am 07.07.2005 um 00:12 schrieb Stefan Pfetzing:

I'll fix this after the 2.0.16 release, then there will be a oroborus--devel--2.0 (or similar) archive.

well the branch is now named "devo", as you can read on http:// www.oroborus.org/?node=Download

2.0.16 is ready for release, and after I've got some sleep, I'll release it. :)

In the devo branch, there is currently, which is vastly improved, mainly it does no more polling, instead it uses select.

This should improve latency. I'd be glad if some people test it and report to the list.



Oroborus and Debian GNU/Linux Developer.

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