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Re: [Phpgroupware-users] CVS updating

From: Brian Johnson
Subject: Re: [Phpgroupware-users] CVS updating
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 02:32:12 +0000

There shouldn't be any problems doing cvs updates on the stable branch .. even
future upgrades "shouldn't" cause problems

An easy but safe way to do testing is to have 2 installs (they can easily be
on the same machine just by putting the code in different directories and
using a different database name).  Then cvs update one, do some checks, then
cvs update the other.  If the upgrade does not involve database table changes
(some apps don't change table schema very often) you can actually run the
newer code on the old database too.

Cvs updates can sometimes cause problems if you customize the code but only if
a change in cvs coincides with lines you have changed.

Geoff Robinson (address@hidden) wrote:
> I have been evaluating and setting up phpgroupware over the last couple
> months to offer as an alternative to Microsoft to customers of our firm.
> I have just updated to the most recent release of via CVS. I
> am going to soon reach the point where I want to consider my installed
> phpgroupware 'stable'. Of course, I also would like to be able to grab
> any patches that come into the package.
> So I ask- can I consider updating the 9.16_branch stable through CVS?
> That is, if I have an active system, can I run 'cvs -z6 update -dP -r
> Version-0_9_16-branch' without breaking anything? What sorts of things
> are currently being added to the 0.9.16 branch?
> Thanks.
> - Geoff
> Tavros Technology
> Chicago, IL
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