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Re: [phpGroupWare-users] Suitability for Collborative Business Processes

From: Maât
Subject: Re: [phpGroupWare-users] Suitability for Collborative Business Processes
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2009 18:30:13 +0100
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Simon Liu wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am currently looking into a new groupware platform to replace our legacy 
> Lotus Notes-based systems, and I happened to come across phpGroupWare. I 
> couldn't seem to find much information on the main website, so I'll ask my 
> question here.
> Currently, we're using Lotus Notes with custom-developed forms to automate 
> and standardise the creation and review of documents by multiple team members 
> (i.e.: some sort of a custom document management system that enables virtual 
> collaboration). I would like to know whether phpGroupWare offers similar 
> capabilities, and how easy would it be to create custom forms for this 
> purpose? Note that the developers here are only used to J2EE and Perl, so 
> we'll have to learn PHP if we choose this software package.
> Thanks for your time,
> Simon

For document management you could perhaps have a glance at ged module in
phpgroupware it's a document management system with a complete workflow
engine to manage reviews and document life cycles

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